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We are one of the largest licenced security providers on the east coast of Australia. We assist our customers with a client-focused approach and genuine results. 

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Agile, Innovative and a Customer Focused Approach

We understand very clearly the gravity and importance of choosing the right security provider, a provider whose priority will remain to be the day to day service, guest experience and efficient use of the security detail. In order to achieve each milestone and ultimately to achieve the end goal, our approach will centre around strong customer relationships, flexibility and a boutique approach, backed by a national framework and structure and it’s all about people training.

We are driven by creating experiences for you and your customers, whilst ensuring a safe & efficient workplace

What our clients have to say

Harrigans and Hunter Valley Gardens have been using Vital Hospitality Group for 8 years. Their professionalism and quality of staff is exceptional. Daniel and his team have treated my business are their own and only accept the highest of standards. Vital Hospitality Group are the only company I would use in any venue.
Chris Codd
Harrigan's Hunter Valley

How we can help you

Security Services

Vital provides a full range of high quality security services to many national private, corporate, retail, government and sporting organisations. Our Service is supported by a 24×7 Operations Centre and a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who care about you.

Event Management

Vital provides extensive manpower – Security staff, event staff, traffic and event management for numerous sporting venues, stadiums, entertainment centres,  local council events, festivals, roadshows, conferences and more. With a professional approach and a keen eye for detail, Vital can help you run your event as efficiently as possible. 

Licenced Premises

We provide licenced premises and registered clubs with ongoing security, hospitality and managerial support. Our team can assist your venue with RSA management, crowd control and asset protection. We have the manpower and knowledge to help you. 

Electronic Systems

Vital provides leading edge electronic security solutions tailored to your customer requirements. We offer access control, intruder alarm systems, CCTV systems and structured cabling networks. 

Internal Staff Training

Vital Conducts regular internal on going training for all staff with regular training toolbox talks

Personal Protection

We provide personal protective services for executives, dignitaries and officials. Our team is experienced, professional and provides a personalised service. 

Asset Protection

Vital provides a range of asset protection services. We have mobile patrol services that can inspect your premises to ensure they are safe. Our monitoring centre keeps track of your premises for peace of mind. 

Loss Prevention

We offer a range of loss prevention services to help you reduce incidents of theft and to provide ongoing relationships with your customers. Whether the loss is occurring internally or externally, know that Vital will help you eliminate potential losses. 

Event Staffing

Vital provides local businesses and events with extensive manpower to assist at events, festivals, roadshows, conferences and more. With a professional approach and a keen eye for detail, Vital can help you run your event as efficiently as possible. 

From start to finish, we take your vision and turn it into reality

Steps to perfection

Our total focus is on serving our clients.  We strive for a win-win in each relationship – our clients get the services they request and we do this so well, that we have another client who will provide a reference for us to any company that seeks their views on the services we provide to you

Planning is a critical success factor with all our services.  For example, we always conduct a risk assessment for events to ensure both Vital and our clients understand the areas of the event that may need extra attention in our planning.

Regardless of our passion for service, we understand that the bottom line is that we must deliver our services in a manner that fully meets your expectations.  We set the ground rules for how we deliver through a series of Operating Procedures and Policies and we monitor our progress through our Quality Management Plan

We have a core set of non-negotiable principles and values that drive our people and the services we provide. Beyond that we can adapt to any situation where a client wants our services.  We are always ready to listen to new approaches to how we deliver our services

Our compliance with all regulations and statutes relevant to the services we provide are an obvious focus for our management team.  Noncompliance in some services carries substantial financial penalties for both the client and the provider of the service. We clearly focus on always providing compliant services to you.

Our entire operation is geared to successfully providing our services to you and making sure you are fully satisfied with everything we do. We have an advanced software application with workflow that allows us to monitor all services and even reminds us when to do ‘welfare check ‘ phone calls to our staff to ensure they know the details of their next shift, this helps ensure there are no last minute surprises that would impact on the services we provide you.

Join our team

Vital is a rapidly growing local company that is credible and capable. Our approach is based on a high standard of service. If you feel you have what it takes to be apart of the Vital team, please apply below.  

What our clients have to say

I first encountered Vital in 2006. At that time they were just starting. I have found Vital responsive and eager to help running my hotel. Daniel Sobb has a lot of knowledge from small events to big. I started St Patricks Day in Newcastle in 1994, and hold St Patricks Day in Newcastle every year, and have to deal with large crowds! Vital is who helps me! A professional team.
John Ramplin
Northern Star Hotel Hamilton

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We are one of the largest licenced security providers on the east coast of Australia. We assist our customers with a client-focused approach and genuine results. 

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Vital Hospitality Group is a leader in Security and Event management in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney and beyond. If you require security services, know that Vital Hospitality Group will deliver the best possible security guards, concierge services and security operations available. As a security company in Newcastle, we know what our clients want. We are the largest licenced security provider in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Some of our clients include the Wests Group, ALH Group, Iris Capital and Panthers to name a few.