Weigh Bridge and Vehicle Checking Training

Site requirements/other information: –

  • Chain of command
    • weighbridge and gate house employees work for E Group 
      • – any issues please report to E Group
  • Steel cap boots and high vis to be worn at all times
  • Emergency folders in gatehouse and weighbridge these contain: –
    • Emergency Management Plans for business’s on premises
    • Dangerous Goods licence and manifest for chemicals on site
    • Numerous site plans 
    • Task Instruction and emergency gas shut off instructions
    • if emergency services request information on site please hand folder to them
  • Fire alarm or emergency on site, gatehouse will control the site, to follow direction from gatehouse (no vehicle to be allowed to enter site except emergency services)
  • Site contacts displayed on notice board
  • Representing site (professionalism) not only face to face but also with reports or emails sent
  • Security cameras in area
  • No photographs/videos to be taken at any time
  • BOOM GATES – must be opened and closed between every vehicle
  • Red and green entry and exit lights must be used between every vehicle 
  • No cranes to drive over weigh bride – to use side gate – key in weigh bridge office
  • Must see proof of Induction and drivers’ licence 
    (if they refuse it is a Baiada requirement, please leave site and call your employer)
  • Induction – to check if inducted, go to Intranet, APP and DB link, Online Induction
    • User name beresfieldgatehouse, Password: beresfield001 
    • Dashboard appears on screen, in contractor name type name in and search
  • Importance of Role and data collected (examples below but not limited to)
    • LPMS – Live Poultry Management System data entry 
    • Daily shift report
      • Data must be accurate, entered in real time and emailed as required
  • Feed mill, manual dockets, checking active purchase order numbers and security seals                        
  • Weighbridge duties
    • Data recording of inbound and outbound regos, product, weights of most vehicles, including live bird, feed mill, freezer trucks and miscellaneous
    • print dockets if required – send required emails to various departments regarding deliveries 
    • record farms against the required trucks

Signage located on entry to premises and on gates (below)

Chain of Responsibility – all parties in the supply chain – consignor/dispatcher, packer, loader, scheduler, consignee/receiver, manager, as well as the driver and operator – must all take all reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the road transport mass, dimension, loading, speed compliance and work hours laws

It is called the Chain of Responsibility (COR). Offences in mass, dimension, load restraint, speed and driver fatigue all contribute to the chain. Further information is available www.rms.gov.au

Every truck MUST have a vehicle check performed on way in and on way out of premises:

  • If a vehicle is exiting and has a fault – if they are not carrying goods forward put that into comment, if they are carrying goods forward stop the vehicle and call relevant Supervisor
  • If a issue you put non-compliant on the Ipad and a email report is automatically generated, you still must fill in the Ipad vehicle check – since a email report is generated not required on shift report
  • if going to distribution you must call the Distribution Supervisors and notify them of the issue

(the only times you don’t need to do a vehicle check is if they are checking weight and turning around on road Or MWP / Multiquip– they are based on site and only need to do a vehicle check if carrying a load we consigned)

Baiada Facility CoR Vehicle Checklist, WHS-F-412.5.1-NAT:  all heavy vehicles must be checked on entry and exit of facility.  To be completed on Ipad, if issue with Ipad try to resync or ring help 1300650734

  • Ipad is real time, so must be completed in real time
  • Baiada CoR checklists linked to Baiada Group
  • Identifying non-conformance on vehicles
  • Responsibility re safe keeping of tablet and charging of tablet
  • Ipad information is separate, start form on 1 Ipad needs to finish on same Ipad
  • Full names to be used ie: John Smith not just John
  • If error, or RED answer to review form and reason
  • Authorised user at weigh bridge has separate codes to reflect Processing Primary (PP) Cooked plant (CP) and Feed mill (FM)

EG: John Smith will have 3 entries for Check conducted by: John Smith PP or John Smith CP or John Smith FM

When completing a visual check of vehicles do not stand directly in front of, or directly behind vehicle and ensure eye contact with driver 

Chain of Responsibility CoR Driver Declaration, WHS-F-412.1-NAT: 

  • These are to be completed for all vehicle that are entered into LPMS